Are You Creatively Satisfied?

The burning question asked by @greatdiscontent at Brooklyn Beta last year. Yes, it was a tough question…

Two Minutes With TGD: Are You Creatively Satisfied? from The Great Discontent on Vimeo.

Two Minutes with TGD is a series of brief interviews that expands on themes already explored by The Great Discontent: creativity, risk, and what connects us. The series is a TGD special project, introducing video content in addition to our regularly published written interviews.

Over the course of October 10–12, 2012, we set up a small filming station to record brief, two-minute interviews with conference attendees at Brooklyn Beta. The conference, held at The Invisible Dog in Brooklyn, New York, had several hundred people from a variety of disciplines in attendance. At the conclusion of the 3-day event, we had interviewed 138 people and recorded over 6 hours of footage! Each person was asked the same three questions, and this best-of video highlights responses to our initial question: Are you creatively satisfied? The remaining two questions delve even deeper, resulting in vulnerable and profound moments that will inspire, challenge, and move viewers to reflect on their own work and lives.

This is the first film in a three-part series. Over the coming months, the remaining two films will be edited and scored in preparation for a very special screening of Two Minutes with TGD, which will be followed by a public release.

More info: /

director of photography BRENT CHRISTY
editor / colorist RYAN ESSMAKER
lights / sound BRENT CHRISTY
composer OLGA BELL
sound mixing / mastering DANIEL KARR

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You got cookie?! – so SHARE IT MAYBE!?

Maybe it’s that I’m a parent and have been watching ridiculous hours of Sesame Street latley – but how can you not smile at this vid?

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Mr. Rogers on the Garden of Your Mind

Mr. Rogers gets remixed.

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wait for it…

Do Not Push The Button.

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On my first experience

Last Friday, my first long-awaited package arrived on my doorstep.

The packaging is killer. I love the typography and detail that went into their envelope, logo and even the packing tape. I received box #THP02.

If you don’t know about Quarterly, let me fill you in now. Quarterly allows you to connect with people that inspire you. For a small subscription fee, you will revive a package curated by the person(s) you pick. What I love about this concept is the low cost of entry, the “blind-box” appeal of not knowing what I will get and the chance to discover something wonderful and new that I may not have known about otherwise.  In fact, Quarterly had so much demand they had to temporary suspend new subscriptions. However, you can join a waiting list to get notified of when they re-open.

Quarterly has a strong collection of influential contributors like author Scott Belsky and Tina Roth Eisenberg of Swissmiss Studio.

The curator I chose was Gretchen Rubin.

I chose Gretchen because I really liked what she said; “Research shows that one way to enjoy a little hit of happiness, during your ordinary routine, is to receive a small, unexpected pleasure. The items you’ll receive will lift your spirits by making your life and home more beautiful, more productive, and more full of fun.

Unpacking the box:

What is it? A terrarium kit from Twig!  Let’s just say I was super excited to receive something so unexpected. The only stumbling block I had was figuring out what order to layer the items into the jar. I checked out their website for some visual examples, then I noticed the little baggies had numbers written on them. Problem solved.

Step 2: Assembly

As I was placing the layers in the jar, I realized they supplied more than enough rocks, moss and dirt to fill the jar. It was actually enough to do two jars.

The finishing touches.

My favorite part of this terrarium is the mini-figure - I assume that everyone gets a different one. This tiny little detail takes your imagination to another world. The package also came with instructions for care, and it only needs a little misting every few weeks. That’s perfect for someone like me who can kill a plant just by looking at it.

Overall, I was super happy with my first Quarterly box and I’ll be back for more. This charming little company brightened my day.  Thanks to Quarterly, Gretchen Rubin and Twig.


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Black Eyed Peas go 3D

Black Eyed Peas XOXOXO Music Video from Huan Nghiem on Vimeo.

I love animation. I love the Black Eyed Peas. This makes me happy.

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It’s Pumpkin Time!

I love this time of year! Since I’m about to move back to Florida in a few weeks, I’ve been soaking up as much fall as I can in my hometown of St. Louis. I’m REALLY going to miss the changing of the leaves and the smell of firewood in the air – something you just don’t experience down south. Over the weekend I stopped by at Rombach Farms and Pumpkin Patch. I hadn’t been there since I was a kid and it was fun to share it with my own kids for their first October – even though they are too young to remember it, I snapped some sweet photos of my own pumpkins that we can cherish for years to come.  If you’re ever in “the Lou” around October, I highly recommend making the trek out to Rombach to pick out your perfect pumpkin.

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My Baby is a Gremlin

…Or at least she laughs like one. View this video of her “gremlin” laugh while Declan sucks his binky like Maggie Simpson.

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What is Glitch?

Glitch is a massively-multiplayer game, playable in the browser and will open sometime in 2011.

One of the most exciting aspects of Glitch is that players have to work together to complete quests or to expand the world. And I’ve never been a gamer, but there’s something about Glitch that sucked me in. Unlike other games that center around fighting and violence, Glitch is about working together to achieve goals. For a great perspective on this, just read Confessions of a Budding Gamer or Glitch, a Revolution in MMORPGs or a Really Bizarre Farmville?

Here’s the trailer:

Lately, I’ve noticed some talk on the forums about Glitch being too feminine because it doesn’t have the typical fighting and violence like other online social games. One poster in the game forums made some stereotypical comments about the artwork being too pastel and that the characters needed to have beer t-shirts and the like. Luckily, a lot of men and women feel that Glitch is a really refreshing change of pace in the world of online gaming. 

Personally, I LOVE the playful graphics and adore the whimsical nature of massaging butterflys to get butterfly milk, squeezing chickens to get grain and harvesting eggs from trees. I especially love the accidental invention of “Food Writing” in the new area of Plexus. And there is even a Glitch mash-up using the API where you can vote on your favorite Glitch outfits here. To me, Glitch is a magical place.

Here’s my Glitch’s current outfit:

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