90 Sketches in 90 days – Day 6

It’s a Unicorn or a horned donkey.

…in which case would it be a donkey-corn or a uni-onkey? I wonder, do Unicorns fart rainbows and glitter?

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  • http://www.monicams.com Monica Messaggi Kaya

    Wow, it is soooo cute! However reminds me a lot of the Django Pony! http://www.mylittledjango.com/

  • http://twitoaster.com/country-us/larissameek/ larissameek

    [New Post] 90 Sketches in 90 days – Day 6 http://larissameek.com/2011/02/08/90-ske

    • lab9pl

      @larissameek keeping my fingers crossed :)

    • Rinzlermx

      @larissameek great pic!!!

    • indoschubert

      @larissameek Love your sketches!! Makes me wanna sketch as well.

    • Don

      I think they just fart glitter.

  • Irving

    Colll =D