The Making of Coraline

I’m really excited to see Coraline (the movie) tomorrow night.  A few months ago I stumbled upon some “making of” videos and was entranced by the amount of artistry and passion that went into this film.  Needless to say, I have high expectations as it was directed by Directed by Henry Selick, who is best known for directing The Nightmare Before Christmas.

Also, you should check out the blog of Shane Prigmore – who worked on the film.  Thanks @EffectiveSpirit (his cousin) for the link.

Here are some behind the scene clips that I particularly  enjoyed:

Doll Hair

Tiny Knitting

The biggest Smallest Movie

The Puppets POV

“Coraline” – Crafting the World of Coraline

Have you seen it yet? What do you think?

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  • Pearl

    Happy 2015 everyone! Still obsessed with Coraline. The remaining fans that are viewing this post, go you! You have good taste in film.

  • Spenta Wadia

    wow :0…this is just so hard to imagine!

  • Teo Panov

    It’s 2012 and I’m still re-watching this movie from the 2009. It’s great.

  • Debra Morgan

    This movie is fantastic. One of my favorite… I love stop motion.

  • Maria Dean

    I loved this move so much, it has become my reason for living
    However, when I played the video game… well I was disapointed
    I’m not sure if their going to make a Coraline sequel *fingers crossed*
    But I do really hope that they remake the Coraline game
    Something that could replace the sequel like the NBC game
    Something that shows more the dark twisted side of Coraline, maybe have the other characters be playable, new levels, new adventures
    Something Epic!!
    The game right now though, well it misses a lot really
    it doesn’t have the ending, u think theres something going on with Wybie’s mum but then it never gets mentioned etc.
    So yeah, I just needed to point that out

  • Mr.Dandy

    Thanks for posting the links! I’ve seen Coraline twice now (in 2D and 3D) and I think it’s going to be considered a true milestone of achievement for animation, as well as film in general. The conceptual design, sculpting and model making were so amazing, I could watch it over and over again. I was mesmerized from start to finish by the ambitious scale of it all– from the tiny miniatures work, to the fluidity of the movements and replacements. Usually hair and fabric are sculpted as solid-bodies for stop motion (since they’re so hard to control), so my jaw dropped as I saw that Coraline had real flowing hair. Yet the story itself is disarmingly humble and sweet, told for its own sake, and not just a vehicle to show off the the painstaking animation or 3D effects. The music fit the tone of the story perfectly, sweet and childlike and just a bit off-kilter. I can’t wait to see what Laika creates next!

  • Whitney

    I watched the “making of” the other night, too. I can’t wait to see it. I’m going tonight! Completely stoked about this.

  • quasha

    thanks for those GRRREAT links!! my kids loved them, we are even more excited to see them now….amazing! thanks.

  • Sean C.

    Wow, this movie looks amazing! Thanks for posting those short videos, else I would have passed right over this movie. I must see it now!

  • Joe

    HI Larissa, your site its really awesome, I stumble upon it surfing the web. Thanks for you post on “Coraline”, i was aware of the movie, but not aware that it was made with such love. I thought it was just another cartoon or animation film. Now I have to get my self to the theather to watch it. Thanks! =)

  • Carole Haley

    I love the Nightmare Before Christmas and hope to see Coraline particularly for the animation. I will look at all your behind the scenes stories so I have some background — Thanks Larissa!

  • Danny Tatom

    Thanks for posting these, I’m excited to see this movie. It would be so amazing to work on a stopmotion film, hope I get to do it one day. :)