22 Job Boards: The Best For Web Designers + Programmers

Finding a reputable web designer or programmer can be a mind boggling process for those who don’t work in the digital space. When I get emails asking if I know any good web designers, I usually direct people to the same list of job boards.

Finding a good fit for your needs is a challenge but it all starts with the right job platform. The best interactive job boards are a niche industry and well-known within the interactive community.

Below, I’ve compiled a list of the most reputable job boards that target high-end talent and offer a variety of opportunities. Job post duration is 30 days unless otherwise noted and most are free for applicants with a few exceptions. Cost is on a per job post basis.

*(Alex Rank as of 9/15/08 & the Craigslist rank is based on the root URL not the job section.)

Title + Description Cost Alexa Rank
1. Jobs on the Wall
This board is fairly new, thus few jobs are listed as of today but it is hosted by a popular web resource.
Freelance – $50
Fulltime – $75

(30 Days)

Title + Description Cost Alexa Rank
2. Smashing Jobs

Hosted by one of the most popular resources in the interactive industry.

Freelance – $100

Fulltime – $200

(30 Days)

Title + Description Cost Alexa Rank
3. Krop

Krop has a prestigious reputation for high quality talent.

$199 (30 Days) 74,060
Title + Description Cost Alexa Rank
4. Freelance Switch Jobs

Freelance Switch is for freelance jobs only and it costs applicants $7 a month to apply to jobs.

FREE* (30 days) 123,552
Title + Description Cost Alexa Rank
5. FWA Job Board

FWA is well known for attracting some of the best Adobe Flash designers and developers.

Approx $105.14

£58.75 (GBP)

(30 days)

Title + Description Cost Alexa Rank
6. 37 Signals Job Board

The 37 Signals board attracts the cream of the crop because it’s featured prominently on three industry-leading sites.

$300 (30 Days) 78,242
Title + Description Cost Alexa Rank
7. Crunch Board

Leading companies, such as Facebook, MySpace, CNET, Yahoo, Microsoft, Digg and others that have posted jobs with CrunchBoard.

$ 200 (30 Days) 70,352
Title + Description Cost Alexa Rank
8. Wired Jobs
Wired offers a discount for the more jobs posted and features an extremely high Alexa rank.
$50 (30 Days)

($10 add’l cats)

Title + Description Cost Alexa Rank
9. Authentic Jobs

This board is a targeted destination for standards-aware designers and developers and the companies seeking to hire them. They also offer a money back guarentee.

Full time – $250
Freelance – $75

(30 days)

Title + Description Cost Alexa Rank
10. Post a Position

This is powered by advertising so posting jobs is free. However, it doesn’t have the quantity of posts and traffic that other job boards offer.

FREE (30 days) 2,376,937
Title + Description Cost Alexa Rank
11. Craigslist

Craigslist is more popular than the “big dog” employment sites but tends to attract a poorer quality of skill-sets.

Varies by City

(30 days)

Title + Description Cost Alexa Rank
12. Boxes + Arrows Job Board

This board has 20,000 unique visitors a week, a newsletter reach of 6,500 good addresses, and over 17,000 rss subscribers.

$250 (30 Days) 66,606
Title + Description Cost Alexa Rank
13. Coroflot

Allows designers to post their own portfolios. And they offer discounts for bulk listings. Postings stay live for 90 days.

$265 (90 days) 15,580
Title + Description Cost Alexa Rank
14. Read Write Web Jobs

Read Write Web is a premium tech weblog, thus the jobs tend to focus on technology and programming more than design.

$99 (30 Days) 39,066
Title + Description Cost Alexa Rank
15. Open Source Flash Jobs

This board offers a discount for bulk postings and targets Flash designers and developers.

$100/post |
$25 add’l cats

(30 days)

Title + Description Cost Alexa Rank
16. AIGA Design Job Board

Employers can view portfolios and attract some high quality designers through AIGA’s prominent  reputation in the design community.

Members – $95

Non Members – $195

(30 days)

Title + Description Cost Alexa Rank
17. Sitepoint MarketPlace (looking to hire)

Sitepoint is a popular publisher and online resource for the interactive industry.

$10 – $50 (30 Days)
(Cost varies by options)
Title + Description Cost Alexa Rank
18. Slash Dot Jobs

The tagline is “Jobs for Nerds”. Need it say more? There are discounts on bulk postings.

$400 (30 Days) 6,238
Title + Description Cost Alexa Rank
19. Fresh Web Jobs

This board is featured on several popular web sites such as Smashing Magazine, Freelance Switch, Logopond and CSS Remix.

$75 (30 Days) 256,123
Title + Description Cost Alexa Rank
20. Programmer, Meet Designer

This is a site for programmers, web developers, designers, entrepreneurs and writers to find each other and work together to create websites that look and function great.

FREE (30 Days) 239,532
Title + Description Cost Alexa Rank
21. Indeed

One Search. All Jobs. This isn’t a job board but it’s a good place to do some research because it scours the web for all Jobs.

N/A (30 days) 949
Title + Description Cost Alexa Rank
23. Just Tech Jobs

This board tends to attract developers and programmers not designers.

$279 (30 Days) 217,964

If you want to start your own job board you can get open source software here.

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  • http://www.diyinteriordesign.net james

    Sometimes, you don’t have an option. In either case, it’s important to be prepared to change jobs – because you never know what happen to the company in the future.

  • http://carloshermoso.com/ Carlos Hermoso

    Thanks! Those are very useful!

  • http://jonwilliamsdesign.com Jon Williams

    Awesome. I was looking for more sites like this. Thanks

  • http://www.fromzerotoseo.com From Zero To SEO

    Great post larissa! I have similar list of job sites, but I haven’t seen these before. I need to update mine. Thank you.


    ps subscirebed to rss :)

  • http://www.silent7.com Jeff

    Hey Larissa great post

    @Joe – as being a freelancer I know and feel your pain but outsourcing is something that we all face. But at the same time those projects that get outsourced are they even really worth you time since they are most likely low budget, I mean you cant get fast and cheap doesn’t exist, and good and fast isnt going to be cheap.

    I have seen other post about designers griping about their experiences with sites, the worst was a guy who post not to hire but just to see who is in the talent pool. Good idea … eh

    - Jeff

  • http://waltribeiro.net/ Walt Ribeiro

    Nice to see Wired and Crunch Board in there. This is a great blog! And a great post :)

  • http://www.thefreelancenation.com Former Freelancer

    @Joe –
    We recently launched a network of 119 geo-based websites where US based freelancers can bid per-project and not have to compete on reverse bidding sites with overseas talent and help them promote themselves on the Internet.


    Email me and I will give you a free profile. Heck, anyone who mentions Larissa’s name gets a free profile! :)

    @Larissa – great research for this post and a beautiful looking blog as well! I’m been poking around your writing and will definitely have to subscribe. Web Design-isms is a very descriptive and articulate article and I thoroughly enjoyed it. I personally like both ornaments and word-isms. Noticed you are a fan of UXMAG too?! :) I look forward to reading more of your intelligent musings in the future. Glad I found you. :)


    Jay Lohmann

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  • http://artondisplay.net syed

    Super post!

  • http://youlovejoe.com joe

    Get a Freelancer is the worst. im a good artist fast dependable and such. i have been bidding on this site for over 5 years now and have only ever won 2 jobs EVER. i price my work fairly and for this site often underbid to attempt to at least secure the work.

    All work goes to indian designers working for 3$ an hr and most work is horribly underpriced and some of the names on there bid on everything and anything for 20$. i paid for my subscription once for 12$ to bi on ‘better’ jobs but to no avail.

    do not use this site. BUY AMERICAN. most of the providers can even speak english well by their type. AND THEY STILL WIN THE BID. the portfolios are horrible and unnavigable in any way. alot of clients DEMAND free mockups to ‘decide’ whos best when our portfolio should decide whos best .. ya know?

    i started a forum on NO FREE MOCKUPS and how were underbid and such by outsourced labor. This received great praise from the community and they shared alot of my views. This entire post was deleted and i was threatened to be suspended from the site. I was also contact by other users that this is a regular thing for this site and others have tried to voice thier opinions on the sites workings.

    DONT USE GAF. ITS A LAF. (laugh.)

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  • http://www.wefunction.com liam

    Wow, what a great round-up and resource, very nice work, thank you for putting this together!

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  • http://www.flowinteractive.com.au Ivan

    Hi Larissa, great post there are some on here I have never heard of before, mostly use Freelance Switch and Authentic Jobs which are pretty good. Thanks

  • http://prismdesigns.co.uk Jaswinder Virdee

    Great List! today is not my day this is the second post ive seen that ive been thinking of making! :( . Keep up the good work though!