Wallpaper: A Bird Came Down

A Bird Ca,e Down

This wallpaper, called A Bird Came Down, was inspired by a  recent trip to the Miami Metro Zoo and is based on a photograph I took of this beautiful bird. I don’t recall what kind of bird it is exactly but I was entranced by the subtle shade of blue and stoic elegance.

For further inspiration I found a poem by one of my all time favorite poets, Emily DIckinson, which I named the wallpaper after.


Bird Came Down

A bird came down the walk:
He did not know I saw;
He bit an angle-worm in halves
And ate the fellow, raw.

And then he drank a dew
From a convenient grass,
And then hopped sidewise to the wall
To let a beetle pass.

He glanced with rapid eyes
That hurried all abroad,–
They looked like frightened beads, I thought;
He stirred his velvet head

Like one in danger; cautious,
I offered him a crumb,
And he unrolled his feathers
And rowed him softer home

Than oars divide the ocean,
Too silver for a seam,
Or butterflies, off banks of noon,
Leap, splashless, as they swim.

- Emily Dickinson


This wallpaper is free to share and look at but not to be used for commercial purposes.

Wondering what size to pick? Well, just check your display settings. On a PC right click your desktop to find out what your resolution is.

Next, click the correct size below to open in a new window and right click the image to “Set as Desktop Background”. Thats it!

A Bird Came Down Wallpaper Sizes:

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  • http://www.pixhome.blogspot.com kissmo

    Looks very smooth..and I love your work..

  • http://kitten.hardgame.ru Zer0CooL

    =((( need 1680×1050 ;-)

  • http://darwinshome.za.net Michael John Grove

    The bird in the original photo is the Blue Crane (the national bird of South Africa) – Stanley Crane or Paradise Crane are the lesser used names.

    The interpretation of the crane in the wallpaper you made is amazing, great work. :)

  • http://www.l-cy.com Yuna

    This wallpaper is gorgeous, i love it and your wordpress theme.
    by the way, Could you share the theme?

  • http://www.theatons.com/ Adult Ühler

    This is excellent, an interesting background change was in order for me :D

  • http://osirois.deviantart.com Oli

    Is that a Meek-Beek?

    I like your purple and green contrast, the transparent layers of textures and colors brings a young and urban atmosphere. I went to Florida once ( I live in Quebec); I like the fauna and the flora there; everything is bigger, even the birds O_o.

  • Chris

    I think this is my first comment here. Although I always read.
    Very nice work, Larissa.

  • http://aronil.com aronil

    That is absolutely and positively gorgeous. I loved how you once again mix and match certain filters in the picture, to give a different texture for the ground and the bird body. The cloud effect is pretty cool too.

  • http://rutsum.com Apoorv Khatreja

    Another one of your awesome wallpapers. But can I be an ass and ask for something? I really understand the need to protect your work from plagiarism, but from next time onwards, could you tag your wallpaper at a place which is less visible/noticeable? The wallpaper in no doubt beautiful, but that tag in the bird’s neck somewhat diminishes the overall appeal. Saying this, I would say that it is nothing personal! Keep up the great creative flow of wallpapers.

  • Betty Nally

    Larissa – I am absolutely blown away by the three tags you have on this site. Thank you for sharing your talent. Just AWESOME!

  • http://www.ronaldbeach.com Ron

    People are so used to seeing a cruise ship as my desktop that they were surprised to see the crane. It is so peaceful and as Nikki said, serene. Thanks for making my day better.

  • http://katferrer.blogspot.com Kat

    I have this as my desktop wallpaper now and it is simply GORGEOUS. Great work! :)

  • http://www.elrst.com Edouard

    Isn’t it a peacock (also named peafowl apparently ) ? At least that really looks like one !

    Very nice wallpaper in any case, keep up the good work ! :)

  • James Hall

    wow, really really nice. I havent been to metro zoo in ages. It’d be nice to go again and see whats new.

    i got my google sleuth on, and its a stanley crane. :D

  • nikki

    that’s quite serene…