Can men can learn about courtship from birds?

This is an amazing video of a Lyrebird. This bird can mimic the most unbelievable human sounds such as a car alarm or chainsaws cutting down a tree in the forest.

Seriously, men should take some tips from birds when it comes to the rules of courtship. The male birds do some pretty amazing things to get the girl – car alarms and chain saws are hot. These birds can actually listen. (Sorry, I couldn’t resist.) ;)

(Thanks, Omar )

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  • Bill

    Sorry Gil. Seriously though, the problem (at least with me) is that I am a good listener, but I want to “fix it”. Most of the time, my wife just wants to vent or express what is going on, and for me to do nothing but listen. That’s hard for me to do, since if I see that there is a problem I want to fix it and make it better.
    So, I guess that makes me a good “listener but wanna fix it” man.

    Side note: What would this bird do if it actually attracted a female chain saw?

  • Ron

    Thanks for a fantastic video. I am constantly amazed what Mother Nature has created and this bird was new to us. Speaking to your point on men listening, the wife agrees with you but feels that I am a good listener when my focus is on the discussion. The problem is my mind is one dimensional (according to her) and has problems “listening” when “doing”. I want to present a different view. The brain works much faster then our speech. Speed readers process over 10,000 words a minute while a person speaks at a rate of 125. The mind just gets bored with the conversation and moves on (like when start thinking about something you were working on when someone is talking with you). I just have to work to do it better.

  • larissa

    @ DC ahahah… nice. :)

  • DC


  • GlenB

    We are good listeners. We are just selective as to what and whom we listen too. I at least like to believe I am a good listener and a good observer.

  • Bill

    Is this a reference to men in general, or is this directed at Gil?

  • larissa