Reminiscing, some where out there…

I just loved this little song! Fievel was so cute. One Christmas morning I snuck out to the tree while my parents were still asleep, and I saw the most beautiful thing – a ginormous plush Fievel under the twinkling lights, then I peeked at the gift tag. And. I was for my brother. None the less, I love this song. I still do. I sang it when I was 8 and I still sing it today.

I just loved this little song! Fievel was so cute.
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  • ryanisalifestyle

    i totally love this movie… i think Fifel Goes West is better though… they’re all like “I’m a cat… and a cowboy…” and Fifel is all like “Ah! He’s a cowboy cat!” and Dom De Luise was all like “I’m a cat too… but i’m not a cowboy… i just wear this t-shirt” and Wielly (the dog sheriff guy) was all like “Pfft… I’m so gonna kick your ass”

    yep… good times…. i used to have it on VHS… back when it was cool to own one…

  • Sameer Vasta

    Funny enough, I was just watching the movie yesterday and thinking about how brilliant this song is. Thanks for the YouTube link now I don’t have to pop open my old VCR to play the song.

  • Karl Brightman

    Oh wow, i love Fievel! I was actually trying to remember the name of the movie a couple of days ago. I really wanna try get a hold of the movies and watch em again. Good memories.