Is it spring yet?

Geeze, are these guys insane!!?

I’m pretty sure I have tornado phobia. All because when I was in 4th grade I once forgot my house key.

Around 4pm on a spring day I stepped off a giant yellow school bus into a sense of panic. I was standing on the front porch and mesmerized by the swirling clouds when the tornado sirens started screaming. Mind you, this was in Missouri – and you don’t joke about tornadoes in the Midwest. The sky was dark and the clouds were angry with a greenish tint. I started digging through my small pink backpack searching every nook and cranny for my house key. I wanted nothing else but to just get into that house – but I couldn’t find my key!

These tornado sirens were the same ones that sounded the first Monday every month. At my grade school and they had you assume the “position” when the sirens went off. We would leave our classrooms and file into the hallways and kneel down with our heads against the wall and place our hands over our heads. Um… scary for a little kid. I had quite an imagination and I always imagined the worst.

I managed to run to a friends house that day and found shelter in her basement. Nothing happened. I had many weird dreams after that day such as talking tornadoes like the kind that came out of some special effects blockbuster.

I have tornado phobia. I admit it.

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  • Ashish Lohorung Rai

    Really tornado are the monster of life. Though in Nepal it doesn’t come we can imagine its destruction from TV or news. It is the worst nigtmare. So be careful with it and be safe.

    I too have my blogsite and I hope you do comment it..

    Happy BLogging!

  • Giovanni(John)

    I live in italy and here there aren’t tornado!
    But I really think this guys are idiot!

  • larissa

    that was boring

  • Ryan

    Just stopped by from the stylegala link. Thought you might want to know about some craziness on your 404 page. Your columns break.


  • larissa

    Ryan, thanks for the reminder. I had been meaning to get around to that. :) It’s all better now.

  • Ron

    Being in Wichita we are obviously going through some very turbulent weather and suffering some terrible damage in some of our smaller towns by the tornados. There have been so many that our local weathermen have lost count. Some areas got up to 11 inches of rain in 24 hours so the flooding is rampant. I have students who are in the National Guard and have been working with the recovery efforts. Their reports of the pain and suffering make me want to hug the wife closer and to give thanks for all that we have.

    The main point I want to make relates to your tornado phobia. I was at the bookstore yesterday when the tornado sirens went off and a little girl started screaming with fear. Being our children are grown, I had not considered the long term effects until I read your accounting.

  • Webstandard-Team

    It’s awesome! Unbelievable those guys!!!!