Digg it. 30 Dark Designs You Should’ve Seen.

Posted by Smasing Magazine just a short time ago, “30 Dark Designs You Should’ve Seen” and my site made the list! Here’s an excerpt:

As a second (out of five) part of our 50 Beautiful CSS-Based Web-Designs in 2006 collection we would like to present some stunning, but rather unknown dark designs, which you really should have seen if you are a web-designer. And, of course, if your aim is to develop web-sites in the modern “Look & Feel”-style.

You wanna know how to make a girl happy? Digg this article.

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  • Joefish

    Sweet! Congrats on the recognition.

  • fred

    nobody likes a showoff

  • Don

    Way to go!!!!! God knows, you certainly deserve the recognition…

  • http://www.matrixwebs.com Edward

    Nice website you got going. Loving the traditional art work too!

  • Cameron

    Beautiful website. Very great organization, content… all well put together and aestethically pleasing.

  • Ron

    It is great to see you get recognition for your creative web design abilities.

  • http://philrenaud.com Phil Renaud

    hey, good on you, Larissa! you definitely deserve it.

  • Mic

    AWESOME site!!! I’m simply blown away – most girls I know are absolutely clueless about the the web hehe You’ve got the perfect combination of beauty and brains =)

    are you available for contract web design work?

  • http://chronotron.wordpress.com Chrono

    Wow, your design is inspiring and one of the best dark ones I’ve seen for quite some time. I especially love the header, it’s classic yet conteporary. Great job, keep it up!

  • http://www.cucirca.com Cucirca

    Humz.. very nice website Larisa.
    I’ve never knew I could make a woman happy just with 1 dig :)
    I’ll try this with my gf too :)
    Keep up the good work.

  • Pat

    De-lish page.

  • http://www.liquilife.com Liquilife

    WOW. This is a beautiful design. Kudos to you with your ability to take your skill as an artist and transfer it to a beautiful web design. Looking at your design and some of the other dark designs has given me some inspiration to to finally go with a dark theme that I have been putting off for a looong time but have wanted to do. Kudos to you!

  • Killswitch

    I digg it, sexy design.

  • guille

    are you single?

  • http://blue.muiomuio.net Mario

    You really got a great thing going on here.
    I must confess, you are beautifull and talented I bet someone is very happy with you at his side ;)

    Congrats on yet another reference