St. Louis in December, 1879

One of the cool parts of having a blog is all the people you meet from all over the world.

A friend in Sweden, Don, was restoring an old dresser when he found a newspaper from the St. Louis Globe-Democrat dating back to December 20th, 1879. It cost only 5 cents back then!

It’s absolutely fascinating to travel back in time and read the articles and advertisements flaunting how far media and publishing has come. What once used to be excruciatingly powered by hand can now be published to the world in seconds thanks to the internet!
The issue I received was printed in December and is full of Christmas advertising with an annoyingly obvious use of repeated words. (The link to the left is full screen. It’s hard to read without a large scan.) Also fascinating is the stock market section which talks about the price of Sheep and Rutabagas.

Thanks to Don for finding such a cool piece of history and sharing it with me! (Okay, so I was lucky to be the only person you know from St. Louis.) I can’t wait to dig into it even more and discover more fascinating bits of St. Louis’s past. You can read more about St. Louis here.

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  • tmdismukes97

    does anyone know what this might be worth? i have a TON of papers from 1879-1880 from the east st.louis harold

  • DC

    Your welcome Larissa, and you are lucky, if I knew anyone else in STL. you wouldn’t have the newspaper(KIDDING), fortunately I do happen to know the coolest person from STL. SEE YA!