Vote for AgencyNet, a Flashforward 2006 Finalist.

AgencyNet was selected as one of 60 finalists for the “People’s Choice” award at FlashForward 2006.

If you wonder what it’s like to work at such a creative place, visit, and then remember to vote. Look for us in the 3D category.

The “People’s Choice” award is the voting public’s choice of the best site, based on overall design and development excellence, from among all 60 finalists regardless of category.

Voting ends: Friday, August 18 at 5:00pm Pacific Time.

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  • Pam McGarvey

    If I didn’t live in PA I’d march my butt right down to your company and beg them to hire me! I just graduated with an advertising degree and I’m going to be in this year’s Miss Pennsylvania pageant–any tips?
    You rock.

  • Don

    I’m finally starting to appreciate your love for animation. I went on the
    Agencynet site and I really got sucked into it’s navigation feature. You almost feel like you’re looking into the office from a rooftop window. If you’ve ever looked at my website, you probably said, “Oh, poor Don, he’s so clueless and his site is so boring”! I’m really delighted that you’re surrounded by all these creative minds. This opportunity is sure to stimulate your personal and professional growth. I’ve registered my vote and wish you guys the “best of luck”.
    I’ve got to admit, though….. You’ve introduced me to so much really “cool stuff” and it honestly makes me feel a bit lame. I guess I’m a bit of a technophobe with a new found appreciation for the world of geekdom.
    Have a great weekend!

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  • larissa

    HI Ron!

    The Nike Site is great, and I’m glad you checked out the competition. Thanks again for your comments and interest in this industry!

  • Ron

    I took the time to visit each of the others contenders. They are all impressive and especially the Niki cite. My vote is in- Not so much because you now work there but because it is one of the most impressive websites that I have ever visited. I love the creative blending of technology and human interaction. In short, it is exciting and fun to visit. Like you other website, I like to visit to take more time just learning more about what is really possible. What a great life this is.

    Thanks, Ron