Using a bowling ball to clean potato chips out of a trash can

I usually clean the house on Sundays and since we have white tile floors and one beagle with dirty little paws, it’s always a challenge to keep the floors clean.

I bought a new mop a few weeks ago and used it a few times. I’m rather disappointed because it reminded me when you go in for a doctor’s visit and the doctor looks in your ear with that weird ear thing that makes you feel like you’re in a haunted house because it sounds so weird when they stick it so far in your ear – like the wind is howling through some deep dark forest.

This is related to the mop, I promise…

Anyway, as I was using this new mop, I was terribly let down in it’s performance. It twisted around it self and reduced the diameter of it’s cleaning potential and I suddenly felt like I was cleaning the floors with a Q-Tip. It seemed so useless looking at how small the mop was and how much floor there was to clean…

Which reminded me of a time when I went to the doctor and he shoved that ear thing in my ear.

The Doctor asked:“Does your ear hurt?”

I responded: “No… why?”

He stated: Stop using Q-Tips. It’s like trying to clean potato chips out of a garbage can with a bowling ball”

What I heard: (Crickets chirping in the background…)

Now, I don’t know about you, but I’ve never tried to clean potato chips out of a trash can with a bowling ball, and I hope to God my doctor never tried it either, but then I got this weird visual of how hard it would be to actually try and do that…

It feels so nice to have clean ears. I was quite disappointed when my doctor told me to stop using Q-Tips. He said I should use a sort of syringe that they use on babies.Yuck!
I know, I know… it sounds like I must have dirty ears but I don’t. He said he tells everyone this because they don’t realize the futility of using Q-Tips and the potential danger it can cause to your ear drum.

So somehow mopping my floor with a Q-Tip reminded me of the weird “cleaning your trash can of potato chips with a bowling ball” comparison.

I still use Q-Tips despite what the doc said… it’s too tempting.

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